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To Guilin

I made it, I’m here. The journey was easier than expected. I managed to find my way to the train station and collect my tickets – I’ve been surprised by how patient and… Continue reading

Going away

Hello – it’s been a while. Three years actually. This blog looks a lot better than I remember. Yes not bad really, it’s looking quite sleek. So what have I been doing in… Continue reading

A Little Trek In Europe

At the end of July, I set off with my backpack for a glorious month of travel in Europe. It was the first time I’d travelled alone and it really was a whole… Continue reading

Sporgal #4: a rest stop in Agolada

We had spent a little over a week travelling through southern Spain and then hopping over the border to Portugal. It was about time for a little break in the journey. This is… Continue reading

A bite of China

Every two summers, we go back to Hong Kong to see family and friends and eat delicious food (who am I kidding, it’s obviously all about the food). It’s the only time when… Continue reading


Well it sure is strange to be back in England. With globalisation, people whiz around the world hopping from country to country. There is no longer any delay, no long journey to reach… Continue reading

A market and a plum cake

My love for markets knows no bounds. Every Saturday, I make my way to Jean Macé money clutched in hand, ready to sniff out a good bargain. I stroll around looking at all… Continue reading

Breakfast, the French way

Let’s talk about breakfast. I Love Breakfast. The best thing about going to sleep is knowing that I have my favourite mix of oats, raisins, nuts and fromage blanc waiting for me in… Continue reading