To Guilin

I made it, I’m here. The journey was easier than expected. I managed to find my way to the train station and collect my tickets – I’ve been surprised by how patient and… Continue reading

Going away

Hello – it’s been a while. Three years actually. This blog looks a lot better than I remember. Yes not bad really, it’s looking quite sleek. So what have I been doing in… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Prague

Munich was supposed to be the last stop on my trip. But when I was looking for cheap flights home, I got distracted by all the beautiful cities that I had yet to… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Munich

Oktoberfest in Munich ended last Sunday and it’s strange to think that I was there too, only two months ago. It was so hot that I would have happily stayed indoors eating ice… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Berlin

I survived the Megabus journey from Cologne to Berlin. It was better the second time round and thinking of all the money I was saving did wonders for my tolerance. At only £4… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Aachen & Cologne

Back in June, I was still slugging through the final draft of my university project when I began to plan this trip. There’s nothing like a fast approaching deadline to stoke up that… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Brittany

I stayed in Rennes, the capital of the Britanny region, for three days. The day I arrived, there was a chill out zone set up in the main square with deck chairs, palm… Continue reading

S’trip’15: Normandy

When I was planning my trip, I was looking for the cheapest way to get to France. I knew I wanted to be up north but didn’t know anything about the region. So… Continue reading

A Little Trek In Europe

At the end of July, I set off with my backpack for a glorious month of travel in Europe. It was the first time I’d travelled alone and it really was a whole… Continue reading

One big waffle

Hey look, I made waffles! Without, ahem, WITHOUT a waffle-maker! Okay, technically, I made a waffle, singular. One giant waffle which tends more towards crispy pancake than airy, holey waffle. But waffle-ish nonetheless.… Continue reading