A Little Trek In Europe

At the end of July, I set off with my backpack for a glorious month of travel in Europe. It was the first time I’d travelled alone and it really was a whole new experience. I loved it. The freedom of doing whatever you want, eating anything you want. Yeh that’s right, pizza for breakfast and ice cream for lunch… I didn’t actually do that, but it was nice to have the option. I did eat a fair bit of kebab though. Possibly the most satisfying fast-food you can get without breaking the bank.

Travelling solo is probably not for everyone. Depends what you want out of a holiday. What I liked the most was wandering around on my own during the day and meeting up with people in the evenings. And I met more people on my own than if I’d been in a group.

I walked everywhere because public transport is for weaklings (and I’m a cheapskate). I sweated a lot and the heat almost killed me. Again, I may have overpacked just a tiny bit. But I’m getting better (this time I wore almost all my clothes at least once). I also ate very, very well. As a result I’ve come back with toned legs, tanned skin aaaand an extra inch on the tummy. It will all even out soon enough, I’m sure.

It is nice to be home though. When I’m travelling, I feel like everyday should be spent doing something. Yeh I had slow, lazy days lying in a park, swimming in lakes. But I never spent a day just sitting indoors and watching TV shows, baking, cooking… I missed that. That’s how I’m going to spend the next month, or at least the first week heh. I need time to recharge and process.

Meanwhile, I’ll sift through my photos and write down some of my ramblings. New post coming soon… :)