A carrot-ty cake

Did you know, stressed = desserts spelled backwards? I discovered this recently when googling cake recipes – my no. 1 choice of procrastination. It must be more than mere coincidence: the universe is… Continue reading

(Egg) custard tarts, again

So, I think I’m a little weird when it comes to pastry. According to the rest of the world, the flakier the better. Well, they’ve obviously never had a good soggy pastry. Yeh,… Continue reading

Sporgal #6: e por fim, Lisboa

And so we arrived in Lisboa, the last stop in the Sporgal adventure. It feels like so long ago, I don’t think I have much to say really. Except to mention that the… Continue reading

Sporgal #5: Porto and a glorified sandwich

We were told that Porto was a must-visit city. I was naturally very suspicious. It’s a beautiful city, they said, but not like Lisboa. It’s similar to Lisboa, they said, but different. Is… Continue reading

Sporgal #4: a rest stop in Agolada

We had spent a little over a week travelling through southern Spain and then hopping over the border to Portugal. It was about time for a little break in the journey. This is… Continue reading

Sporgal #3: Faro, Farol and eggy tarts

I don’t remember much about Spain by way of pastries. Okay there were the empanadas and the piononos but… like I said, I don’t remember much. Portugal, on the other hand, could have… Continue reading

Sporgal #2: Sevilla and the quest for paella

When it comes to packing, my attitude is along the lines of: you never know what you might need. Which is why I ended up lugging a huge 20kg* backpack around Sporgal in… Continue reading

Sporgal #1: Malaga, Granada and monster cones

Home again. No more sitting on cobblestone streets munching on Portuguese egg tarts and supermarket roast chicken; dutifully taking photos like a good tourist and pretending that I came to do more than… Continue reading

Coconut-stuffed-pillows-of-buttery-goodness buns

You know the ones right? Those sweet, tenderly-soft, melt-in-your-mouth things. With the slightly salted, addictive coconut filling. Yeh, that’s right. We’re talking about cocktail buns, aka. gai mei bao. Let me let you… Continue reading

A bite of China

Every two summers, we go back to Hong Kong to see family and friends and eat delicious food (who am I kidding, it’s obviously all about the food). It’s the only time when… Continue reading