Sporgal #6: e por fim, Lisboa

And so we arrived in Lisboa, the last stop in the Sporgal adventure. It feels like so long ago, I don’t think I have much to say really. Except to mention that the… Continue reading

Sporgal #5: Porto and a glorified sandwich

We were told that Porto was a must-visit city. I was naturally very suspicious. It’s a beautiful city, they said, but not like Lisboa. It’s similar to Lisboa, they said, but different. Is… Continue reading

Sporgal #4: a rest stop in Agolada

We had spent a little over a week travelling through southern Spain and then hopping over the border to Portugal. It was about time for a little break in the journey. This is… Continue reading

Sporgal #3: Faro, Farol and eggy tarts

I don’t remember much about Spain by way of pastries. Okay there were the empanadas and the piononos but… like I said, I don’t remember much. Portugal, on the other hand, could have… Continue reading

Sporgal #2: Sevilla and the quest for paella

When it comes to packing, my attitude is along the lines of: you never know what you might need. Which is why I ended up lugging a huge 20kg* backpack around Sporgal in… Continue reading

Sporgal #1: Malaga, Granada and monster cones

Home again. No more sitting on cobblestone streets munching on Portuguese egg tarts and supermarket roast chicken; dutifully taking photos like a good tourist and pretending that I came to do more than… Continue reading

Coconut-stuffed-pillows-of-buttery-goodness buns

You know the ones right? Those sweet, tenderly-soft, melt-in-your-mouth things. With the slightly salted, addictive coconut filling. Yeh, that’s right. We’re talking about cocktail buns, aka. gai mei bao. Let me let you… Continue reading

A bite of China

Every two summers, we go back to Hong Kong to see family and friends and eat delicious food (who am I kidding, it’s obviously all about the food). It’s the only time when… Continue reading


Well it sure is strange to be back in England. With globalisation, people whiz around the world hopping from country to country. There is no longer any delay, no long journey to reach… Continue reading

Fête des Lumières 2014

This is a catch-up post on the Fête des Lumières aka. the festival of lights from before Christmas – beginning of December I think it was? Gosh, was it really so long ago?… Continue reading