Well it sure is strange to be back in England. With globalisation, people whiz around the world hopping from country to country. There is no longer any delay, no long journey to reach… Continue reading

Fête des Lumières 2014

This is a catch-up post on the Fête des Lumières aka. the festival of lights from before Christmas – beginning of December I think it was? Gosh, was it really so long ago?… Continue reading

A market and a plum cake

My love for markets knows no bounds. Every Saturday, I make my way to Jean Macé money clutched in hand, ready to sniff out a good bargain. I stroll around looking at all… Continue reading

Supper Club #2: Comme les Lyonnais

It’s a shame that I started this blog so late, just as my time in Lyon is coming to an end. I feel I have so much to write about, but where to… Continue reading

Bread and butter pudding

Leftovers are such wonderful things. I love it whenever we have big dinners back at home; my dear mother will inevitably cook enough to feed the entire population of China and then some.… Continue reading

Hot cross buns

Mmm… hot cross buns. So soft, so moreish; each sweet, sticky bite is laced with cinnamon, fragrant zest and juicy raisins. I woke up on Sunday with hot cross buns on the brain.… Continue reading

Hong Kong egg tarts

I’m not a very consistent baker. There are times when I will go days, weeks even, without baking a single thing and then without warning, all the supressed baking energy which has been… Continue reading

Supper Club #1: Sushi & matcha ice cream

My friends and I have a regular dinner routine going: once a week, we get together for a cosy evening of good food and good company. We cook, we eat, we reminisce, we… Continue reading

Breakfast, the French way

Let’s talk about breakfast. I Love Breakfast. The best thing about going to sleep is knowing that I have my favourite mix of oats, raisins, nuts and fromage blanc waiting for me in… Continue reading

Coffee soufflé cheesecake

I love your smell. You are the fresh city morning at rush hour. Your scent wafts from the cart on the corner of the street. Busy commuters on their way to work clutch… Continue reading