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One big waffle

Hey look, I made waffles! Without, ahem, WITHOUT a waffle-maker! Okay, technically, I made a waffle, singular. One giant waffle which tends more towards crispy pancake than airy, holey waffle. But waffle-ish nonetheless.… Continue reading

A carrot-ty cake

Did you know, stressed = desserts spelled backwards? I discovered this recently when googling cake recipes – my no. 1 choice of procrastination. It must be more than mere coincidence: the universe is… Continue reading

(Egg) custard tarts, again

So, I think I’m a little weird when it comes to pastry. According to the rest of the world, the flakier the better. Well, they’ve obviously never had a good soggy pastry. Yeh,… Continue reading

Coconut-stuffed-pillows-of-buttery-goodness buns

You know the ones right? Those sweet, tenderly-soft, melt-in-your-mouth things. With the slightly salted, addictive coconut filling. Yeh, that’s right. We’re talking about cocktail buns, aka. gai mei bao. Let me let you… Continue reading

A market and a plum cake

My love for markets knows no bounds. Every Saturday, I make my way to Jean Macé money clutched in hand, ready to sniff out a good bargain. I stroll around looking at all… Continue reading

Supper Club #2: Comme les Lyonnais

It’s a shame that I started this blog so late, just as my time in Lyon is coming to an end. I feel I have so much to write about, but where to… Continue reading

Bread and butter pudding

Leftovers are such wonderful things. I love it whenever we have big dinners back at home; my dear mother will inevitably cook enough to feed the entire population of China and then some.… Continue reading

Hot cross buns

Mmm… hot cross buns. So soft, so moreish; each sweet, sticky bite is laced with cinnamon, fragrant zest and juicy raisins. I woke up on Sunday with hot cross buns on the brain.… Continue reading

Hong Kong egg tarts

I’m not a very consistent baker. There are times when I will go days, weeks even, without baking a single thing and then without warning, all the supressed baking energy which has been… Continue reading

Coffee soufflé cheesecake

I love your smell. You are the fresh city morning at rush hour. Your scent wafts from the cart on the corner of the street. Busy commuters on their way to work clutch… Continue reading