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(Egg) custard tarts, again

So, I think I’m a little weird when it comes to pastry. According to the rest of the world, the flakier the better. Well, they’ve obviously never had a good soggy pastry. Yeh,… Continue reading

Coconut-stuffed-pillows-of-buttery-goodness buns

You know the ones right? Those sweet, tenderly-soft, melt-in-your-mouth things. With the slightly salted, addictive coconut filling. Yeh, that’s right. We’re talking about cocktail buns, aka. gai mei bao. Let me let you… Continue reading

Supper Club #2: Comme les Lyonnais

It’s a shame that I started this blog so late, just as my time in Lyon is coming to an end. I feel I have so much to write about, but where to… Continue reading

Hot cross buns

Mmm… hot cross buns. So soft, so moreish; each sweet, sticky bite is laced with cinnamon, fragrant zest and juicy raisins. I woke up on Sunday with hot cross buns on the brain.… Continue reading