(Egg) custard tarts, again

So, I think I’m a little weird when it comes to pastry. According to the rest of the world, the flakier the better. Well, they’ve obviously never had a good soggy pastry. Yeh, that’s right. I’m challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of baking. I don’t think the GBBO judges would approve though.

Fierce scowl Mary, very fierce…

I like soggy pastry, in the right context. I don’t mean pastry that has turned to mush (even I have limits) but I’m talking about pastry with a certain squidge and moistness. I guess that does sound a bit strange… but that’s how it is. It probably stems from a childhood of eating egg custard tarts from Morrisons.

Now that I think about it, I used to eat a lot of weird things when I was a kid… things that I didn’t even like. Iced gems, mallow cones, fruity-gum-tape things… do these things even exist anymore?

My friend linked me to this article about the case of the disappearing custard tart. It’s quite shocking really. It’s true that the last time I looked for them in the supermarket, they were all but gone. I just thought they’d been sold out. Egg tart conspiracy much?

And so this happened:

Yeh, it was good. It was Sooo Good. And the pastry was just perfect. By my standards I mean.
A perfectly stodgy, moist pastry. And it’s great if you’re lazy like me because you don’t have to blind bake and you can just bash it around when making the dough. No gentle handling here.

Otherwise, you should probably check out this recipe. It’s good too – if you’re a fan of the crispier, flakier variety.

For the filling I used 400ml double cream, 6 egg yolks, ¼ cup white sugar and a generous dose of nutmeg, briefly whisked together and poured into the uncooked pastry shell. Then it was into the oven at 180 degrees for about ½ an hour.

I ate it, a slice I mean, after it had cooled down because eating hot custard tart is just weird. I ate it, and I was like

I also made some potato buns (recipe here) because if you’re gonna bake, you might as well go all out.

I’ve been neglecting this blog recently. It’s not that I haven’t been baking or cooking (raisin & oat cookies last weekend, all gone in two days), it’s more that life has caught up with me. Or I’m caught up with life. I might start a new series though, about eating out in London: watch this space…

What a champ :,)