Supper Club #1: Sushi & matcha ice cream

My friends and I have a regular dinner routine going: once a week, we get together for a cosy evening of good food and good company. We cook, we eat, we reminisce, we gossip and then we sag into our chairs, warm and happy with tummies full.

So when a long lost member of our little unit returned to us for the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity for the supper club to reunite. Our friend just so happens to love sushi, so sushi it had to be.

Sushi is one of those things which looks impressive but is cheap and easy to make. It is after all, just rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish rolled into cute little bundles. It’s also extremely filling but so bite-sized and wholesome-looking that somehow you convince yourself that after the 20th roll, you still have room for another.

A very delicious night it was: we had creamy, ripe avocados; fresh, crisp cucumber and carrot strips; pan-fried layers of chewy bean curd; pickled ginger, soy sauce, wasabi and “pink sauce” – a mixture of tomato paste and mayonnaise. We also had miso soup served in mugs (being students, we make do with what we have!).

After this came a trio of desserts (because there is always room for dessert and three is obviously better than one). There was the coffee soufflé cheesecake that I had made a few days ago; my friend who is a fellow baking-enthusiast had whipped up a chocolate and pear cake; and finally, there was a freezer-made matcha ice cream.

We were all ridiculously full afterwards.

The matcha ice cream was something new that I hadn’t tried before. I’d started it in the afternoon: a mixture of matcha powder, honey, cream and fromage blanc. I put it in the freezer and took it out every half hour or so to stir it thoroughly and break up the ice crystals.

The result was thick and soft but not quite the smooth, creamy texture of store-bought ice creams that I was looking for. The matcha flavour wasn’t as strong as I wanted either, I put this down to using fromage blanc in the recipe which gave the result a slight tang. It was interesting but if I were to make it again, I’d use all cream. Still, it was a decent effort; light, not too sweet and really quite addictive. A refreshing way to round off a lovely evening between friends.

* * *